Spirituality and Recovery

In October 2017, Recovery On Demand and Dr. Michael Brian Ivy will launch the Center for Spirituality and Recovery right here on Recovery On Demand.com.

It will be a sacred space to explore and gain a better understanding of spirituality, which has been shown to decrease relapse rates and improve health outcomes for those in recovery.

The online group will explore a broad range of spiritual practices, learn from spiritual leaders from a variety of traditions and expand our spiritual consciousness while promoting recovery, increasing faith and hope and embracing forgiveness.  All faiths, traditions and skeptics are welcome to join us.

While we prepare for our launch, we wanted to provide you with some films for contemplation.  Enjoy.

In this video, Brené Brown talks about Jesus and what love looks like for her. What does your love look like?

In this video, Sarah Bessey reminds us of how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day of life that we often forget to live loved. How can you begin to let go and live loved?

In this video, Scott Cairns discusses redemption and the reconnecting to the superabundance of life. Do you think we inherit guilt or acquire it? How can guilt impact our recovery efforts?