Want to increase your quality of life and enhance your well-being? We’ve got you covered.
Our programs are available to guide you and provide you with skills and tools you need to propel your life forward as you create a new vision for your life – while promoting recovery.

Programs Overview

Our Programs

Prime Solutions

This program is our live, online, interactive treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse/use.  The goal of the program is to help you discover what changes you are willing to make in your alcohol and drug choices.  In addition, the program helps you develop skills and tools to succeed in your recovery journey. Learn more about Prime Solutions Treatment Program

Recovery Mastery Academy

This program is our recovery coaching membership site.  The goal is to help those in recovery learn new skills which promote recovery and transforms lives.  Each month new content is added to excel your recovery experience, enhance your quality of life and increase your well-being on all levels.

Master Anxiety and Worry

This program is designed for those struggling with anxiety and worry.  The goal of the program is to teach you skills to combat anxiety and worry which can prevent you from reaching your goals and living up to your potential. Learn more about Master Anxiety and Worry Program

Overcoming Depression

This program is designed for those struggling with depression.  The goal of the program is to educate you on the biology of depression as well as teach skills and coping strategies to overcome depression which can severely compromise your quality of life. Learn more about Overcoming Depression Program

Increased Quality of Life

This program is designed for those whose quality of life is non-existent or stagnate.  The program is designed to teach you how to cultivate more happiness, meaning and success in your life using positive psychology as well as quality of life and well-being research. Learn more about Increased Quality of Life Program

Denial Management Coaching

This program is designed for those who have experienced problems related to the use of alcohol and/or drugs but who do not believe they have a problem.  The program bridges the gap between the addictive self and the sober self and allows participants to recognize and manage their denial which is part of the human condition.  In this program you will learn how to recognize denial patterns and most importantly learn denial management skills so you can enhance your life and relationships. Learn more about Denial Management Coaching Program

Beyond Recovery

This program is designed for those stable in their recovery who have an interest in learning tools to enhance their lives in deeper and more meaningful ways.  The program is designed to go beyond recovery and allow you to take control of all aspects of your life allowing you to find more balance and peace.  At the end of this program, you will have new tools and coping mechanisms to enhance recovery and well-being. Learn more about Beyond Recovery Program

About Our Programs

All programs offered at Recovery On Demand are:

  • Evidence-Based
  • Proven Effective
  • Offer Practical Tools for Application In Daily Life
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Results Driven
  • Engaging & Non-Confrontational
  • Designed to Maximize Motivation for Change

All of the programs offered are meant to empower people just like you to make concrete sustainable changes in their lives – wherever they are.  It is my sincere belief that location, time or life should not dictate your quality of care and the resources available to help you make the changes you desire.

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You can, and should have a life that is fulfilling, full of happiness and joy.