ROD Freebies

Feel free to check out our freebies – a library of helpful recovery resources and toolkit written by Dr. Michael Brian Ivy. This will help you create a more purposeful life.


Affirmations for Successful Recovery

This e-book was written by Michael Brian Ivy and Victor Ivy – Certified Master Recovery Coaches.

In this e-book, we will share with you what affirmations are, why it is important to apply affirmations to your life and provide you with a jumping off point to embracing affirmations to enhance your recovery efforts and increase your quality of life.

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Journal for Enhanced Self-Esteem

The e-book was written by Michael Brian Ivy – Certified Master Recovery Coach.

In this e-book, he shares how to deal with low self-esteem and how low self-esteem can impact recovery efforts and lead to relapse. You will learn how to keep a positive mindset and what it means to be optimistic for a happier life.

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