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These People Have Changed Their Lives

“At my rock bottom, Michael reminded me that the only way to go from here is up – that’s just what I did! I have been clean for over a year and I finally feel free. I am a work in progress and I love the upward momentum I am creating in my life with Michael’s help.”

Ryan Valenger

“My life has always been good. But I always felt like something was missing. Turns out community and connection were missing. Turns out I allowed this to happen because of my fears. Michael taught me how to truly live again and I am so happy with my life and where I am going.”

Staci Edwards

“I never imagined I would be divorced. I was lost, broken, confused. Michael helped me regain my confidence and sense of self. He taught me to put myself first. Slowly things are getting better. I am not who I want to be yet! And I am certainly not who I was when I first sought him out.”

Janet Ramsey

“When I 1st met Michael I had no direction, no vision for my life. Shortly after beginning work with him, that all changed. I cannot express how much better my life is.”

J.R. Glasner

Five Steps to Your Success


Give yourself permission to change.


Commit to do the work.


Schedule a 30-minute FREE consultation with me.


Attend the consult to see how I can help.


If we are a fit, allow yourself to move into something greater with our time together.

You can, and should have a life that is fulfilling, full of happiness and joy.